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Original Oil Paintings Done As Commissions



  • Art commissions are welcome of most any kind.
    A recent painting I completed was a copy of a famous painting with the faces changed
    to the parents of the son who had me paint it for his fathers birthday.
    (on landing page)

I have had clients direct me to a website to images for painting, this is fine also.


People - Places - Pets - Animals - Copies of other works - Abstract -
Landscapes - Coat of Arms - Gardens, flowers - Houses and Buildings - Anything goes!

I paint oils on canvas or sometimes hardboard

Popular sizes range from 16 by 20in. to 30 by 40in. Larger is possible
but shipping jumps from here up.

If you have an idea of the size you want include that with email

The shape of your photo or the image you want painted will
mostly determine the canvas shape but the overall size is
up to you.

  • The subject of your special painting could be:

  • Places that are special to you, you may have visited or would like to visit.

  • Your home, family homestead, farm, place you grew up.

  • People  Single or groups,  in portraits or in scenes

Favorite photograph  A photograph that you love could be the subject
(or even parts of a couple of photographs compiled together.)

Objects or Vehicles  Automobiles, boats, planes, motorcycles, pets, animals and groups of things.


Average price for 18 by 24 $325
                             22 by 28 $ 385
                             24 by 36 $ 395
                             30 by 40 $ 475


I will give you a quote after receiving your email or call

When I complete your artwork
I will email A detailed photo of the painting. If you would like to check the progress before your painting is
complete I can send progress photos along the way.

 If you are not happy with your painting after I email pictures of it to you, you are not obligated to purchase it.
although I do ask for a non-refundable deposit to cover materials.

If you are happy with the painting you can pay me through PAYPAL . This is a secure way to
pay with your credit card or you may mail me a check or money order.

Your painting will take some weeks to complete.
on average consider 3-4 weeks to ship from time of start.  (If very large or highly detailed more time could help)

  • I will give you a shipping and packing price along with your quote.


Just Email or call me and we can talk about what you have in mind  best to use   backup



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