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Something Different


     This could be a challenge for you



  • I called this page something different because along with landscapes and my other subjects

  • I like to paint in my realistic style, I sometimes paint abstract paintings just to loosen up, and through this

  • artistic change of pace I found a purpose for it.

           Painting abstract oil paintings that document ones life or a part of it


  •             How I like to do these is to take a subject for example, Things I like, and just start drawing out the

  • rough  outline as fast as I can after studying and thinking about the material for awhile and getting an

  • image in my mind. Then the applying paint part is more careful and slow to produce an interesting canvas.

  • yet the style stays loose and spontaneous.


  • Below is that particular painting.


  •              I have done these as commissions. you supply me with the ideas from life, maybe some pictures, a story or

  • write down a list of things. Then I paint an abstract painting using the information supplied to me. The end result

  • is a piece of art that is part of you. The part you have chosen.

These paintings are abstract but are realistic in images because that's my basic style of painting


  •       I can do this for you as a commission. The subject could be


  • Your life or another


  • Place You like or have been


  • The positives and the negatives of your life


  • What inspires you

           What you dream about



  • Or any theme you can imagine, although the more personal the theme

  • the more interesting the painting will be for you.


  • This painting could also be of another person in your life, an idea or a mental image you have

  • anything goes.

           Abstract Art based on your life, thoughts, people, things or thoughts, something different! Think about it!

  • Below is an example that I painted from my life. These are "Things I Like". I am a

  • musician, so musical instruments

  • I am an artist, so a palette

  • I like traveling through the mountains, so a road and mountains.

  • And so on and so on.



         If you are interested contact me


     Things I like  16" by 20"




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