Dan Budde


DDan  Budde  born in 1956,  is married and has three children. Dan lives in Clinton, Iowa along the Mississippi River. He started painting in oils in 1978. Being self taught, the first paintings were simple landscapes mostly of mountain scenes and wildlife from photos taken on Colorado vacation trips in the Rockies.

Soon the focus became painting in a realistic style, houses, barns, mills, bridges, riverboats and trains in landscapes  Having lived along the Mississippi in Clinton, Iowa most of his life, Dan found all these subjects close at hand.



iDiscovering that buildings were one of his favorite subjects to paint, and that some money earned from his art work other than the occasional art show might come in handy, Dan Started knocking on doors for commissions, painting homes on canvas. This worked out and to date more than 100 commissioned paintings of homes and other subjects have been completed. This continuous to be a favorite part of Dan's art addiction.


Dan's paintings are done on canvas and sometimes wood panels when an odd size is needed. They tend to be realistic in detail and medium to large in size, sometimes very large.

 "I have always strived to have my paintings rich in realism yet loose enough to be expressive"

A few years back Dan adapted the old masters method of oil painting. First the entire canvas is covered with an under painting which is done with transparent colors. layers are built up on this with transparent and opaque paint, until the final result is a painting that lets the light shine down through the layers, bouncing off the white underlying canvas, creating a depth and richness that only oils used in this manner can achieve.

  • Recently some of his painting have been printed using the Giclee process.

  • Dan plans to continue offering fine art reproduction of his oil

  • paintings.

If you have interest in any of the paintings available, or are interested in information about having a painting done for you, contact Dan Budde at 563-242-3321 or danbudde@danbudde.com






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