Brad, SF CA

I commissioned a painting of my girlfriend and myself in Yosemite for Christmas
2016. Dan’s artwork still amazes me after a year of being on the wall in my
girlfriends home. He was able to capture the scene perfectly—even went above and
beyond to remove a tree and show Half Dome, as well as enhancing the detail of the
background mountains. Painting arrived quick and secure. Can’t recommend Dan enough!

I worked with Dan to create a painting of one of my favorite views from living in
England. He included me and my children in the painting. It came out wonderful and
will definitely bring back fond memories as we look at this beautiful painting for
years to come. Dan was terrific to work with and made the whole process very easy
and enjoyable. 

Bill Bonder
Hayling Island, England

I had an idea for a painting, and found Dan through a web search.  The
painting was fairly complicated, and required many specific details.  Dan
and I went back and forth over email with descriptions, sketches and photos
until it was perfect.  Dan exceeded my expectations.

"I love to have dark and strange art in my home. I scoured the internet
trying to find someone to commission my weird paintings. I was lucky enough
to come across Dan Budde! He gave me exactly what I wanted and can make any
painting into a reality!"


I have used Dan's talents to copy 5 major works of art that my Grandmother, Clara
Lee Severns. These paintings are very detailed and original, not something that you
can just quickly paint a copy of.  Dan is very detailed and honest. Before he starts
on your painting, he will tell you exactly what the cost is, no hidden fees. He has
recreated everything from a portrait to landscapes for me. The colors he makes are
spot on. He is great with communication on the progress of your painting.  Please
know that he has copied ones that my Grandmother won major awards at art shows
across the Midwest, not easy pieces to copy by any means. 

Osage Beach, Missouri

My wife loves ducks and made a joke one day about wanting a Duck Nativity
scene so I made it my mission to surprise her with one! I saw Dan’s work
and how amazing it was, and I knew he was the man for the job. He has such
a wide range of skill that covers buildings, nature and animals. He can get
the job done no matter what you’re needing! My wife fell in love with his
painting the moment she unwrapped it and never wants to take it down!
I highly recommend Dan for all of your painting needs!

Josh   Colleyville, TX

I cannot thank Dan enough for his beautiful and heartfelt work. He created a very
sentimental piece for us and every detail was perfect. He kept me informed from
start to finish, sending progress shots as the painting took life. I asked him for a
very tight deadline to complete the painting by my husband’s birthday, and Dan
amazingly arranged this for me. I would recommend Dan to anyone looking for a
talented artist and a seamless commission process. Thank you again.

Thanks, Lucy

“I gave Dan a photo of my back yard with towering oak trees after a fresh snowfall, and he painted it exactly like the photo.”                 Carol   Texas

“Dan’s painting has graced our living room wall for about a year. The detail is so good you would
except the biplanes to start moving anytime. I love the colors of the sky, I own an airport and when
the colors of the sky outside match the colors of the sky in the painting…..it’s time to fly! Nice work
Dan.”                    Jim Robinson      Erie Illinois

“We ordered a painting from Dan Budde in the summer of 08 and he personally took the time and made a trip to our farm both in the summer and winter seasons so that we could see all the settings our farm could be painted in. he was very organized and communicated very well with us and     we got a quality painting. We love it.”        Cassara Beaumont     California

“I asked Dan to paint the farmhouse and barn where I grew up in Iowa, he did it from a distance,
showing the beautiful surrounding fields I so love. It turned out absolutely awesome. anyone would
be proud to own one of Dan’s painting because he is very much in tune with the buyers expectations.and paints from the heart of enjoyment over the view that you want to enjoy for years to come.”
Bette Mottet    The Villages  Florida

“I am proud to own two original paintings done by Dan Budde, every time people come into my home that is the first thing they comment on. They are amazed at the detail and use of color.”
Alan Doyle  Clinton Iowa

 “Painting of the narrow gauge traveling from Silver Plume to Georgetown, Colorado, through
the continental divide, over the last stretch. This is the most difficult few miles ever attempted
through the Colorado mountains, west of Denver. The trestle depicts the tallest crossing. I love
the painting because it depicts the beauty of the area in winter, which I miss on my visit to Colorado
in June of 79”   Bonnie Lennon Atlanta Georgia

I had found Dan just by searching the internet. I wanted to surprise my husband with
a painting of a very special place at Lake Tahoe. I was blown away at how perfect it
turned out compared to the photo I had sent to Dan. I honestly can’t wait for an
occasion to use him again. 
Sherry G. , Sewickley, PA