Special Creations

Special creation are unique ideas that you have about people, things and circumstances in your life. Your idea does not need to be complete as I sketch it out and we work to complete it. With any changes in mind I then draw it out on the canvas and send again for your approval before painting. There are often a few more detail to tweak, then I paint. This works well and you get a painting that reflects your creative idea that you are happy with.

Below are a number of these paintings with descriptions –  best view is click a  thumbnail – maximize – info  then each photo will give you detail on how painted



Special Creation Images


Some stories to go with above paintings

Terry at Nebraska stadium

Terry played on the Nebraska Corn-huskers college team in Lincoln. He met a tragic early death while his Children were young. Their children,his grandchildren, never got to meet their grandfather Terry. The grandchildren played football and terry’s grand daughter was a cheer leader all at Nebraska also. The painting unites Terry and his family at the stadium.

Sanibel Island

The request for this painting was to have my client, her sister, her mother and her children all on the shore of sanibel island. With two photos in hand. One of her daughter collecting shells and another of the island with the lighthouse, I filled in the other people by her descriptions.

Clayton and friends

I received a photo of four guys sitting around a table playing quarters and a photo of Clayton who this painting was intended for. The four at the table were to be replaced by Clayton on left and three other characters replacing the other three guys. These others would be Sleestak and Chaka from land of the lost siting middle, and Teen wolf (played by Michael J Fox) on right. I had photos for everything here except I used some arm poses that I took photos of.

Last Supper Vegas

When I received this commission I started with a folder full of photos. The guy in the middle holding the panda head arranged a Vegas trip for his whole office crew that comprised of these guys. Instead of 12 apostles there would be 22 plus the boss. All the props around the room and on the table had acquired some significance during the time they were in the city. Plus a bouncer and a table girl. The names of the establishments where the antics took place were also included on the walls and props. The goal was to be sure each guy could be identified and looked to character.

 Mid Summers night Dream

I have had a handful of requests to do a painting that would represent a dream. I have my client tell me about it and I try to form a picture in my mind for the painting while listening. I,ll ask some questions to fill in the missing elements. When there are people in the dream I have ask for photos or look online for a model for the pose.

Superman and fairy

She had a fondness for fairies. He liked superman. Both of them had challenges in life. This painting would represent their freedom together being these characters. I remember being so thrilled to get this commission as this was to be my first super hero painting. I did the drawing and sent it to her as this would be a surprise for him. Some time went by and I was concerned as I could not reach her. After some time I heard from her. His problems had worsened and he would be in the hospital for some time. She sadly told me they would not be able to afford the painting at this time. I went ahead and painted it and asked for her address to send it. I heard back from her after awhile. She was so thankful but never told me anymore. I hope he saw it.

These are some of the special creations stories. These paintings are  rewarding for me to do as they fill a need for something unique that my client has “dreamed ” up.