Types of Commissions

When you contact me by email you can send photo/s if you like. My prices start at about $250. I,ll usually get back with you within 24hrs or sooner. Send any information about size, time restraints and how the painting will be different from any photo/s sent if you can. Below are five ways most of my client proceed depending on what you have in mind for your painting. With each clicked I,ll try to give you as much information as I can. Click painting.

Straight from photo/s

           If you want a painting done from photo/s you have or are available online.Most things can be changed still. Seasons, detail, colors, etc. But mostly based off of photo/s.



Special Creations

I call special creations a painting that is more a concept in your mind. You may have photos and we may need to find some images online to help but then again I have painted dreams.


Very Large Paintings

Very large painting usually are painted and shipped un- stretched to be stretched locally at great savings compared to shipping at full size stretched.

Series of Paintings (2 or more)

Some of my clients have had me paint more then one for different reasons.


Copies of other paintings/photos

I do a fair amount of work painting fairly exact copies of other painting.