All The Details

I have built my business and reputation on these things

  • I,ll communicate promptly and as often as needed to assure that your happy
  • I,ll quote you one price including shipping –  no suprises
  • Depending on your subject I,ll supply sketches,drawings and final completed for you approval to ensure you are happy with your painting. I have no problem making changes at any stage.
  • I,ll keep to any deadline I agree to  and ship promptly and securely
  • Every painting I paint as though the rest of my career depends on it (this is a challenge to myself that I enjoy)
  • Finally – I intend to make the process enjoyable for both of us


Contacting me and sending photos

Most people send me an email and a few call me first.

I,ll need a description of the painting you desire and any photos you have. If you call me send the photos first. If you have a size in mind include it and if there is a deadline that you need it by.



Most people use PayPal to pay me. I do except personal checks also and believe or not I have even bartered a few times


Photos might include

  • personal photos
  • Online images for parts or all of the painting
  • Any combination of the above and any number
  • Higher quality images are best especially for people
  • I can edit and Photoshop images if they need work

Size and type of canvas

common sizes are below and there are more. I can build a canvas if it,s an odd size. If you don,t have a certain size requirement I,ll quote you some different sizes. Let me know if it,s going to be large.

16″ by 20″    18″ by 20     20″ by 24″     20″ by 30″   24″ by 30″    24″ by 24″    24″ by 36″


Canvas types are

Normal about 5/8-3/4 thick for framing

Gallery wrapped for hanging unframed (11/2″ thick painted on sides also) can be framed but there will be a space between frame and wall of about an inch

Portrait linen a very close smooth weave for portraits or close groups of people

Painted on un-stretched canvas This can be any size and is used especially for very large paintings. The paintings are rolled up and sent in a tube or box to be stretched locally by you. The savings is a lot compared to  common carrier shipping for very large paintings.

Other painting surfaces A few times I have painted on Masonite, wood panels or other rigid surfaces. This is mostly used when the painting has deep texture and needs more stability


Getting started – sketches -drawings – painting

After receiving your email I,ll send you a quote/s or get back with you to obtain any additional information I need to get a quote to you. I,ll ask for a partial down payment, about 1/4-1/3. Next depending on the subject and type of painting I,ll sketch it out on poster board or draw it in detail on the canvas and send to you for your approval or changes. I,ll then make changes before painting. The more complex the painting the more steps and emails for approvals along the way and you set pace.

Sometimes I get a photo and just paint it as is (of course making it look better overall) I send the drawing – customer says it,s a go and I paint. All depends on what it takes to get this painted for you and have it the best I can make it  for your overall happiness with it. I always send at least a drawing ounce before painting.


I use Gamblin oil paints and quality canvases